Korea's core exhibition in the food industry

About Food Week


Coex Food Week Korea 2019

November 20 – 23, 2019
Coex Halls A, B, C, D
(occupying 36,007m2)

Coex Co., Ltd (Supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)


Seoul International Bakery Fair

November 20 –23, 2019
Coex Hall C

Conference & Business Events

  • TBN


  • Business Meetings with Overseas Korean Buyers
  • Business Meetings with Domestic Food Distributors
  • Total Consulting Session: Applying the FTA

Special Events

  • Food Week Tech: Exhibition of hygiene and safety-related brand and newly launched food technology, opening the sharing economy in food industry
  • Dessert & Pub: Exhibition of beverage and alcohol brands
  • Seoul Cooking & Dinning Show: Experience-oriented marketing platform
  • Food Week Global: Expansion of International Food Pavilion

Exhibit Items

 Food & Beverage Cultivated Food Products  Sustainable agricultural products, dairy and poultry products,  processed agricultural products, fishery and forest sectors.
Prepared Food Products  Pickled and preserved food, food ingredients, beverages (teas,  wine and spirits), frozen and dried foods, ginseng products,  noodles, kimchi.
Specific Food Categories  Health food, traditional Korean food, fresh products, organic food,  health supplements, health drinks.
Beverages  Wine, spirits, coffee, tea, health drinks, makgeolli, juice, etc.
Bakery  Baking & confectionery, baking materials, baking machines, coffee machines & materials, etc.
 Machinery Food Preparation  Coffee machines, slush and ice cream machines, vegetable  cutters, ovens, norimaki/sushi makers, mixers, peeling machines.
Food Processing  Cleaning and sanitation equipment, meat processing machinery,  baking and confectionary machines, ice machines, sterilizers,  refrigeration equipment.
Food Packaging  Wrapping and packing machines, packing materials, packaging process control systems and equipment.
 Kitchen Utensils  Tableware, airtight containers, ceramics, baking products, pots, and pans, etc.
 Ingredients & Services  Natural yeasts, gum bases, sugars, salts, coloring agents,  bleaching agents, emulsifiers, germicides, synthetic flavors,  synthetic preservatives, sterilizing agents, antioxidants and  Food/Food technology-related services and information.
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