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Everything you need to promote your participation at Coex Food Week is right here at your fingertips! Choose from our variety of show banners for use on your own website, download the show logo to include in your company announcements and press releases or tell your business associates all about the Food Week Korea with our ready-made event description.

Coex Food Week 2018 Event Description

Food Week was first opened in 2006, and it has grown into one of the biggest food business exhibitions in Korea. Food Week markets itself as not one expo, but various combined fairs, focusing on a different part of the food industry. This holistic approach attracted 871 exhibitors from 27 countries in 2017, and welcomed over 50,000 visitors in total. Coex Food Week 2018 will to expand to include over 1,800 booths from over 900 companies around the world, and will take place from Wednesday November 28th to Saturday December 1th 2018.

Coex Food Week 2018 Logo

Use the official Coex Food Week 2018 logo on your company announcements and press releases to help promote your involvement in the event.

디저트쇼에코백 로고
The Official Food Week 2018 Logo

Coex Food Week 2018 Banners

Our custom-made Coex Food Week 2018 banners will help promote your event participation to the visitors of your website! Choose one of Coex Food Week 2018 banners to download and use today.

디저트쇼에코백 로고
디저트쇼에코백 로고

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